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Pau D'Arco is great for treating candida

Posted by nataliuncik on April 18 2015 | Verified Purchase

I had very oily, acne prone skin. I take good care of myself and like to look and feel good as much as possible. I'm 37 years old female and always managed to look good thruogh excercise, good food, excellent personal hygene, nice clothes, etc. Even though I looked good and recieved compliments almost daily from other women, I felt that something was wrong with me. It was taking way too much time and effort to look what I just considered decent. Becides very oily skin and some acne, I always felt tired. My dentist also mentioned that I had a "geographic toung". I ate very healthy, mostly organic, but craved carbohydrates. Every time I had a piece of organic chocolate I, my face broke out. I watched my sisters eat more junk food than me, care far less about the way they look and still managed to look better than me. The worst part was that when we went on vacations together, they would go to bed latter than me, wake up before me and look far more rested than me the next day. I have two doughters ages 8 and 6 and I wanted to figure out how to take care of my skin so that I can be of help to them when the time comes. Knowing that there was definitely something wrong with me, I started researching and experimenting. After many months, thousands of hours of research and experiments, I came to a conclusion that I have a systemic case of candida. This was scary to me since I have degree in Biochemistry and have spent six years working as a research scientist. I remembered what I used to do with cell cultures after they have been contaminated with fungus ........... I threw them out in the garbage. I knew that I could not go to a regular doctor since they would just give me antifungal medication. Antifungal medications are very strong and I was not even considering them as an option. I knew that my only options were to modify my diet and treat myself with herbs and supplements. It's been over a year now, lots of research, trial and errors, experimenting, disapointments, weght loss, struggle to gain weight, tired, exausted, feeling sick, no energy, etc. I feel that this is all behind me now for the most part because of PAU D'ARCO. About six months ago I purchased a bottle of Pau D'Arco from my local health food store. On the bottle it says "take 2 capsules twice daily with food or water", so I did for few days and did not notice any difference. On the bottle it also says "for intensive use take 4 capsules three times daily", I did and about 8 hours latter I felt like I was having the worst case of flew ever. At first I did not know what was going on, but then I put two and two together. I would take the pills feel sick, but then feel better the next day. I was sweating, had fewer, muscle weakness, headache, stomach pain,very very very sore throat and congested nose and sinuses. After some experimenting with the dosage and paying close attention to how I feel, I came to a conclusion that I was definitely experiencing candida "die off". Thanks to my careful research, I new exactly what to do. I decided to continue taking Pau D'Arco but as soon as I started feeling sick, I would take drink with edible calcium bentonite clay and psylum husk. The drink absorbed the candida toxins and carried them out of my body. For several days my sinuses kept clearing and some strange things came out of my body which I know was dead candida. I finished the entire bottle of Pau D'Arco with the previouslymentioned drink and I felt better. Several weeks latter I purchased another bottle of capsules but this time when I took four capsules three times daily, I did not feeel any difference. This fact and the fact that my skin is normal, I don't breakout, I have ton of energy, I don't crave carbs, I need less sleep, etc. tells me that my candida is somewhat in balance. I'm happy. I'm still very careful what I eat and I will never go back to eating the way I ate high carb diet, treating my acne with retin a, using harsh cleaners and anti bacterial soaps, etc.

Thanks for your feedback!

Powerful herb and yet so overlooked!

Posted by herbalturtle on June 17 2012 | Verified Purchase

One of the most important herbs to take! Fights viral and bacterial infection and is a wonderful blood cleanser. Excellent herb to fight candida, warts, cancer, AIDS, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcers, etc.... Yikes! I need to stock up on this, even I forget sometimes how great a product this is....and still at a great price! Anyone with a lymph dis-order should be taking this product as a first resort since it could be an overgrown candida issue especially if you eat a lot of sugar and white flour.

Thanks for your feedback!

Pau D Arco

Posted by iHerb Customer on November 16 2012 | Verified Purchase

I have been using this product now for several years. This is why..About 5 years ago I got a very severe case of pnuemonia. Doctor gave me antibiotics, but it didn't cut it. A neighbor gave me some Pau D Arco, I took it 2 caps in the morning 2 at night and it completely knocked it out of my system. It is a great virus killer. When I am around the public and all the sneezing and coughing going on I start taking it. I haven't had a flu shot in several years. Its safe and I highly recommend this product. Verna Hargis

Thanks for your feedback!

Works for me (and the dog)

Posted by iHerb Customer on September 19 2008 | Verified Purchase

I think this product really works. At first I wanted to drink pau d'arco tea, but I cannot drink so many cups, so I take the capsules, it's much more easy. It kills parasites and candida. It also works for my dog. I give a very small amount 1/3 capsule a day to my dog. My dog is allergic and bites herself because of it. I gave her a small amount each day, at first the allergic became some worse, but after a week or 2 het allergic reactions were are almost gone!

Thanks for your feedback!

Pau D'arco

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 13 2011 | Verified Purchase

I am very pleased with this product, as a candida sufferer, it is the only herb that actually has an effect and helps to resolve the condition! i am also very glad to still be able to purchase it, no thanks to uk rules and pharmaceutical companies!!

Thanks for your feedback!

Pau D'arco for ringworm or athlete's foot

Posted by iHerb Customer on October 7 2008 | Verified Purchase

I've been taking these Pau D'arco capsules for almost a month now. I got them because I heard they were good in preventing outbreaks of ringworm. So far I have not had any new outbreaks, which is great. I also seem to sleep better since I started taking them. However, I experienced some mild constipation so I have gone from 2 pills a day to 1, and that's seemed to fix the problem. I would reccomend this to anyone with persistent ringworm.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great product

Posted by iHerb Customer on July 29 2008 | Verified Purchase

I first discovered Pau d'arco by in the mid 90's. Since then I have used it extensively for fungal, bacterial and viral infections. It does a good job in helping the body overcome infections. NOW brand's is excellent quality.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by iHerb Customer on January 16 2012 | Verified Purchase

This is an repeat order. It has helped in eliminating my female problems completely.

Thanks for your feedback!

immune booster

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 28 2008 | Verified Purchase

I tend to have yeast problems, I use this twice daily and have had no occurrences

Thanks for your feedback!

now pau d'arco

Posted by iHerb Customer on July 5 2007 | Verified Purchase

the product is great for lungs and fugal infections.soon after i ran out i started having trouble with my feet again. i tried gnc brand for 2 months and started having all the troubles with foot again. this product really works as far as purity it speaks for itself , i do wish that they would say where they get theres from though in case i cant get it anymore

Thanks for your feedback!

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